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This was the website for the award-winning London-based design consultancy, Edwards Churcher Ltd, which was founded in 1997 by Rodney Edwards and Neil Churcher. When the domain registration of edwards-churcher.com was not renewed, this site disappeared from the web. The new owner of the edwards-churcher.com's domain has chosen to keep this site which content gleaned from its archived pages of as a reminder and tribute to Edwards Churcher and its founders' contributions to the emerging digital media in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Edwards Churcher was known for its rational exploration of communications problems that resulted in creative design solutions.

Among the beneficiaries of Churcher's approach were the clients of those developers who trained under him or learned the trade working with his clients directly. For example, one of his proteges, the now well known designer David Johnson Clarke's clients were among the first to experience the significant upgrades to their sites that the new principles enabled. The Louisiana maritime attorneys at Gordon, Elias and Seely received a number of kudos from design publications for their website, OffshoreInjuryLouisiana.com, which had been previously built on a FindLaw platform. Many other examples are posted below and remain the primary reason this website was restored. Although the restoration may not look exactly like the original site, it does keep the integrity of the original site's intent which was to promote the work done by the creative people behind Edwards Churcher Ltd. Enjoy a nostalgic look back to when Edwards Churcher was out there promoting their business and looking for new clients and projects.



Circa 2000 -2001

What do our customers want from us? 

They want a process that generates value from the site a and they want error free development. Developing a site can be a frustrating process when things go wrong. We try to make it a simple succinct experience.   Of a development is difficult, it usually means that the site will end up difficult to use.

What do you need to make a good site? A development process that works and a design strategy that succeeds.

Think digital! What’s happened to the Internet design industry? Will 3G mobile ever be successful?

Strategy and technological evolution is at the heart of what we do. Interested in our opinion?


For over 4 years, Edwards Churcher has helped make customer’s internet and mobile businesses and communications more powerful. Interactive animation, new strategies for advertising, or an evolution in cash machine communications. Interaction with the digital audience is now a key component of communications design. Engaging the audience online is tricky as engaging an audience on analogue TV. Good Interaction brings things to life, be it a science exhibits for 12 year olds or making financial figures dance on the screen.

We are in the business of creating value by design and developing value with cutting edge technology. We make design and technological know-how work together. 




21 February 2001 Edwards Churcher launches benugo.com


19 January 2001 The art of shopping Evening Standard ES Magazine


January 2001 Boldly Going Where No Banner Has Gone Before

Plummeting click-through rates have caused online advertising rates to fall, which naturally unnerves ad-dependent sites. With online advertising growth expected to be flat in 2001 after several years of triple-digit growth, AOL and Yahoo have gone so far as to hire execs with roots in the ad world to court the big Madison Avenue ad wizards. Although less than one-third of the Fortune 500 advertised online last year, does that mean the online ad market will grow when the other two-thirds start their inevitable Web campaigns?

Not likely. Large corporations have learned from others' mistakes, and are getting creative. Instead of paying for ad space on Web portals, Kimberly-Clark created its own portal, and used its TV ads to generate traffic. Absolut Vodka, whose ads can be found everywhere offline, has no online ads but does have an interactive site where users can mix music tracks. And Miller Brewing created a free software download, known as the "beer pager," which has spread virally to more than 90,000 people with no banner ads at all. Says GM exec Michael Browner, "We may actually spend less next year on the Internet because we're getting smarter about how we use it."


21 December 2000 AOL gains presence on Genie portals


1 December 2000 Edwards Churcher and Ideascape Announce Strategic Alliance to Deliver Cross-Platform Design and Integration Services


19 January 2000 Edwards Churcher's Wap team appointed by AOL Europe


25 February 2000 Edwards Churcher appointed to develop first UK site for admin professionals


11 April 2000 Rodney Edwards speaks at Mobile Commerce 2000 conference about mobile communications solutions


25 May 2000 D&AD Interactive Advertisind Award for COMPAQ Bird game


03 June 2000 World Internet Animation competition win for Edwards Churcher for COMPAQ Bird game

Edwards Churcher's Compaq Bird Game was awarded first prize yesterday in the first World Internet Animation Competition (WIAC) in association with the World Animation Celebration.

The Compaq Bird Game won in WIAC's Best Interactive Animation category. Bird Game is an online commercial with a gameplay twist, developed last year to follow on from aka PIZAZZ's TV campaign for Compaq. The award-winning interactive web version involves the consumer re-enacting the commercial, hammering home the message that Compaq is the 'power behind the world's greatest search engine'.

In the Bird Game, one's cursor movements control and direct a determined bird searching for an elusive worm hidden somewhere in a series of interlinked landscapes and locations. The game uses Shockwave technology and an Aphex Twin soundtrack.

Neil Churcher, Director of Edwards Churcher said: "Bird Game is an attempt to create a seamless brand experience between TV and internet promotions. The internet version actually strengthens the campaign through engagement and entertainment."

Bird Game won a D&D Award (British Design and Art Direction) last month and was also Commended in the Digital Advertising category of the New Media Age Effectiveness Awards.

The Compaq Bird Game was created by Neil Churcher, James Stone and Javier García Flynn of Edwards Churcher, along with Philip Hunt and Grant Orchard from aka PIZAZZ, for BMP DDP Needham and Compaq.

WIAC is sponsored, in conjunction with The World Animation Celebration, by shockwave.com. The World Animation Celebration was created in 1985 to promote both the art and business of animation in all of its manifestations. wiac.shockwave.com


08 June 2000 Edwards Churcher creates unique interactive exhibits for the Science Museum's new Wellcome wing

Digital media design consultancy, Edwards Churcher has created a set of interactive exhibits for The Science Museum's Wellcome Wing development which opens to the public on 3rd July this year.

The exhibits are part of the Museum's directive to use interactive exhibits to present the most important and up-to-the-minute scientific topics and groundbreaking technologies.

Edwards Churcher won the pitch for these projects due to its advanced skills in Shockwave technology, and its ability to create an engaging exhibit with a resounding message. This unique ability was recently recognised by D&AD President Larry Barker, on the British Design and Art Direction website in reference to Edwards Churcher's Compaq online ad, with the ad also picking up a D&AD Award last month for Interactive Media.

Each project relates to a particular theme on each floor of the Wellcome Wing. Bad Interfaces on the 'Digitopolis' floor aims to demonstrate what technology can do today. Visitors are asked to create a computer sequence to clean a window. To do it reveals how a computer interface behaves.

Also on the 'Digitopolis' floor, Kids Web tackles the complexity of the internet network to a younger audience. Visitors can move a boat; island hopping on the high seas. Each island is a website link and can be a short distance or far away, representing a sense of distance and choice on the net.

Design Director at Edwards Churcher - and designer of the games - James Stone said: "With a vast number of interactives in the Wellcome Wing, it was important not to solely think of each piece as a separate entity, but think how visitors may use the entire space. We looked at how long we wanted the user to spend their time at a particular exhibit, and what we wanted them to learn. It would have been a mistake to try and overpower the user, so each interactive leads the user to a simple idea from what can be a complex subject. If we can spark these ideas with the visitors, we have done our job."




09 June 2000 UKSTATE.COM, designed by Edwards Churcher, chosen as Top Site of the Day by UK Plus, Britain's top search directory

"SO JUST who is your local MP? And what exactly is this government lark all about? Just some of the questions that you'll find answers to in today's top site.

UKState.com tries to guide you around the mass of info on the Web from public bodies.

In the Your Government section you can find about your sitting member thanks to a link UKMPs.network, where you can search by constituency, postcode or, if you know it, surname.

In the same area of UKState.com you'll find a rather good tour of the Palace of Westminster, a simple but informative guide to how laws are made ...and that explanation of what government is all about. Apparently it is to do with managing the country.

There are also sections called Your Life ("a guide to how official information affects your daily life"), with a similar channel for businesses.

But one of the best features is called Vaults, info from the archives of The Stationery Office, the privatised official publishing house who have put UKState.com together.

Lord Denning's report about the Profumo Scandal is being serialised, plus there is correspondence about somewhat surreal happenings in Egypt in 1900. Apparently they involved the British Imperial Army, their hunting hounds (sent from England), the Egyptian fox and the gardens of an angry - and rich - ex-pat poet called Wilfrid Blunt."

Jeremy Holder

UKPlus Site of the Day editor